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Mosaik is more than just a collection of square footage and desk space. Mosaik is a purpose driven startup community ready to level up the Budapest tech scene. We support Budapest based entrepreneurs with a platform for learning, connecting and growing in the friendliest coworking space in town.

Our story

When we started Mosaik, we wanted to create a platform for like-minded people in tech, where they can meet, hang out, work, learn and grow together. We wanted to build a community driven place, which is more than just a coworking space, but rather the leading force of the regional tech-ecosystem. Everything we do is designed to create a supportive environment for startups and to enable the scene in Budapest to flourish.

We believe in the power ofEntrepreneurs

The unreasonable ones. The ones who solve our problems, create our jobs, and push the world forward.

We believe in the power ofBudapest

Budapest is on the rise. Fast. With a budding startup ecosystem, vibrant downtown scene and affordable lifestyle, it's like a magnet for young talent. Couple that with a convenient location in the heart of Europe and you have the perfect place to launch and explore your dream project.

We believe in the power ofCommunity

At Mosaik we’re building a tribe of engineers, designers, creatives, and tech innovators. We’re building this tribe to lead a movement. We’re leading a movement to change a city. And we’re changing a city to change the world.

Values we share


A fascination with the world. Realising that everything can be a learning opportunity, if you choose it to be.


1 +1 = 10. Working together to fill gaps and improve the community rather than duplicating efforts.


Being an active listener. Always being prepared to share, adopt or challenge new ideas, thoughts, tools, or people.


Crafting the life you want. Never settling. Why spend your life working on something you don't love?


The incredible things that can happen when people with energy, ambition and shared values come together to create a future they believe in.


Recognizing that some failure is inevitable when trying something new, and when it comes, embracing it gracefully,to find the learnings in every experience and relationship.

Our team











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Gold Partners

Mosaik is proud to announce that we have made a new partnership with NN. This is surely an important step for us because we are both aiming to grow the local startup ecosystem and give back to our precious community. This opportunity would support us to enrich and enhance our existing services and support our members to get better knowledge of NN’s world class services.

Our partners

We are thrilled to have amazing partners on board who support our mission of taking the local tech ecosystem to the next level.

Our friends

We are thrilled to have amazing partners and friends on board who support our mission of taking the local tech ecosystem to the next level.

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