Growth Hacking Masterclass

A 2-day exclusive growth workshop by Gabor Papp & Mosaik Academy.

Starting: 2017-06-12

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About the workshop

The Growth Hacking & Growth Marketing Masterclass is a 2-day advanced workshop focusing on Growth. 

Want to grow your company? Get users? Or generate more revenue? Then this training is right for you! You can learn what the best free and paid growth channels are, what tools and frameworks successful companies use.

The 1st day of the workshop focuses on Understanding Growth, while the 2nd day dives deeper into best practices, funnel analysis and contains even a hands-on-workshop as well.

The workshop is run by Gabor Papp, Head of Growth at Shapr3D, which is the only Hungarian company being featured on Apple's website and official commercials.


  • Startup founders and marketers who are looking to grow their user base or secure the next round of funding
  • Early stage startups, startups close to product-market fit, companies after PM Fit
  • Digital marketers working for bigger clients, agencies
  • Consultants, freelancers, online marketers who work at tech companies
  • Investors, business managers who are looking for tech startups to invest in


  • Have an understanding of what growth really is
  • Know how to approach growth the right way
  • Have the confidence to find scalable and replicable marketing assets, channels
  • Discover how to think beyond growth tactics
  • Understand how the best marketers define engagement metrics
  • Identify and differentiate between low value and high value customer segments
  • Know how to construct a growth team
  • Have the knowledge what makes a good growth marketer
  • Be able to leverage free and paid channels
  • Know how to select the right benchmarks for your company
  • Be familiar with low-risk AND high-risk growth hacks
  • Understand the importance of being a full-stack founder, team member or employee
  • Have a better understanding how to use SEO, online PR, paid ads, remarketing, guest blogging, social media to leverage growth


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Gabor Papp is the Head of Growth of Shapr3D, the world's first professional 3D modeler for iPad Pro. Before joining the startup, he previously worked with Seedcamp and Techstars investments, brands like Codeship, RisingStack, Tresorit, EON, Telekom, Webicina, a New York Times Best Selling Author.

Gabor Papp

Head of Growth at Shapr3D

Time Table

DAY 1: Understanding Growth


The basics of growth and growth hacking
A brief introduction to growth, value creation and growth hacking. This section will dive deeper into what growth really is, how to define topline, activated, retained and monetized growth.


Deconstructing growth: process vs tactics
Learn how to construct successful growth operations by focusing on processes and tactics differently. This section outlines how the frequency of principles, process and tactics change over time.


1 hour lunch break


Paid and Free Growth Channels
How to balance between paid and unpaid growth channels? How can you know what your competitors are doing? From the paid channels we'll cover Youtube Ads, Universal app installs, Facebook ads, Apple Search Ads, Twitter and Linkedin ads. From the free channels we'll focus on content, SEO, email marketing, social media and referral traffic. This section will help you understand what other companies are doing to grow their business and how you can gather ideas from them.


coffee break


High Reward and High Risk Growth Hacks
A list of growth hacks that worked. And a full list of those that didn't, so you don't have to try them yourself. The list will also include personal items that have never been shared before.


Who to follow, what to read?
A section on the best marketers and growth hackers to follow on the internet with fine details on who is exceptional at what field. A list of the best 10 growth hacking talks will also be distributed.

DAY 2: Mobile Growth & Workshop


Introduction to Mobile Growth
A section on Mobile Growth and the Mobile Growth Framework. Which tools to use when launching a campaign? How do different segments work together? How are they different? How to measure?


Funnel analysis
How to construct a real funnel that represents the product? Flowcharts, AARRR model, monetization, onboarding, user perception, metrics and more.


1 hour lunch break


Mobile Growth Best Practices
A section on Mobile Growth and the Mobile Growth Framework. Which tools to use when launching a campaign? How do different segments work together? How are they different? How to measure? This section details which tools to use for Acquisition, Measuring Engagement and Retention, Monetization, Analytics and Tracking.


Coffee break


Growth Hacking Workshop
Bring your own challenge and we'll construct a growth plan for you. We'll outline possible solutions, channels, processes you can start implementing the next day. This is the time to dig deeper into personal problems and challenges.


Closing thoughts
A recap of the 2 days, key points emphasized, followup on all addressed & unanswered questions.


  • Digital Copies of all Presentations
  • List of best growth hacks and presentations
  • Content creation and marketing templates
  • SEO site audit and checklist
  • List of all the tools and frameworks used
  • List of best growth blogs and people to follow

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Ticket & venue


From 159 EUR + VAT

Address 1136 Budapest, Pannónia utca 32. More info +36 70 9080233


Where can I contact the organizer?

Is this for me?
Are you looking to grow your business online? Then yes.

Do I have to be technical?
No. We will cover a wide range of growth hacks and content marketing suitable for all serious online startup or business.

What about refunds?
You can get a refund of your ticket up to two weeks before date of event.

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