Budapest Instagram Meetup

18:15–08:15 / Wednesday, Mar 21, 2018



Come if:

  • you don't know Instagram yet, but want to know it better
  • you're using it, but have some questions
  • you're interested in the underlying possibilities
  • you're interested in using it for business


The meetup is going to be split into two, 45 minutes long parts.

In the first 45 minutes, Gabi is going to introduce us to the basics of Instagram, its UI and how to use it.
In the second 45 minutes Balazs will let us take a closer look at possible business applications of the app.


Founder of Modernity Marketing, blogger and digital ambassador of Samsung and Cosmopolitan

Gabriella Szabo

Blogger, social media consultant, product ambassador of Vitamin Well.

Balazs Zsalek

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