Drone Flying for Beginners | Line of Sight

18:30–21:00 / Wednesday, Mar 22, 2017


Intro to Drones

  • You will understand all the parts and the setup process.
  • You will be guided on how to fly your drone in line of sight.
  • You can walk away with your very first drone and can continue practicing flying (see participation below).

How to participate

VisitorFree! Come, watch, and spend time with us! You won't get your own micro drone, but you'll be able to get some hands on experience. 

Visitor + Drone (Max. 20 people): 7,000HUF (100% proceeds go to your micro drone) Watch, learn, interact & walk away with your own micro drone! 

If you would like to participate, do not hesitate to reserve your micro drone! Shoot an e-mail to Pulilab!

Snacks, beers & drone hobbyists will be provided by Pulilab.

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