TechFröccs #3 - WeLoveBudapest Houseparty

19:00–23:45 / Thursday, Mar 02, 2017


Mosaik x WeLoveBudapest x WeLoveBalaton

Last week the awesome teams of WeLoveBudapest and WeLoveBalaton moved into Mosaik. We feel extremely happy about this, not just because our community just got richer and more diverse, but also because we share their feelings towards our beloved city and their mission to make Budapest an even better place day by day!

WeLoveBudapest Houseparty

To celebrate the unification of Mosaik, WeLoveBudapest and WeLoveBalaton we decided to combine our circles and host a proper house-warming party that will hopefully kick off the spring, but surely will leave lasting memories…

So grab your friends and bring them along for the best party of March. Or consider to leave your friends behind and make some new best friends forever.

About TechFroccs

TechFröccs is the space for the Budapest tech and startup scene to meet, connect and mingle on a monthly basis. We gather over fröccs, csocsó, table tennis, and great music, and leave behind the inbox, spreadsheets and bug list.

The initiative is started by Mosaik to connect like minded people, foster serendipity and provide an opportunity to escape the daily routines. It takes two to tango, and so does a proper party. Therefore we usually host these parties with friends and foes.

What to expect

  • This is not your ordinary networking event, this is a party.
  • We gather the whole ecosystem, this is the evening you don't want to miss.
  • Hosted by entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts and fans of Budapest.
  • You are allowed to dance on the tables.

Free beers provided by Hedon

For our next Techfroccs, the excellent people from Hedon are going to provide the party with 60 liters of draft beer and a bathtub full of bottled beers! Best of all, the stash is free as long as it lasts!

Free froccs provided by Bubble Spritzer Hungary

Our friends from Bubble Spritzer Hungary are providing the party with a baththub full of 144 cans of froccs. So make sure to arrive on time, and be one of the first to taste this new product!

Budapest Photo Exhibition

Together with The Spoiled Queen, we are hosting a photo exhibition about Budapest for the Techfroccs. During the party you will be surrounded works of Craig Hull, Claudio Nunes and Ania Jopp.


The event is free of charge, but registration is required. To attend the event just sign-up on Eventbrite.

With love, WeLoveBudapest, WeLoveBalaton & Mosaik

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