What Works x Mosaik

18:00–20:30 / Friday, Feb 24, 2017


About What Works? x Mosaik

Mosaik and Kristina Pomothy has partnered with Space10 and Startup Everywhere to make Budapest a part of What Works, a global two-day conference exploring current trends in workspace design.

Why What Works?

We live in an ever-changing world that affects how we live and work. During the last decade, workplaces have evolved to be more collaborative, innovative and interconnected spaces through which people encounter new ways of interacting, while at the same time growing as both individuals and professionals.

What We’ll Explore

  • How do different company workspaces change how we work?
  • How to design workspaces to foster collaboration?
  • How might coworking evolve in the near and far future?

Who You'll Meet

Kristina is an advisor in the field of user experience of built environments. She focuses on innovative workspace design and startup ecosystem design as well as on research of environmental psychology. This journey started in San Francisco where she observed her neighborhood transformed by startups. Curious to explore how these shifts effect the daily experience of people in the city, she moved to London to finish her degree in psychology. Prior to completing her research on collaborative workspace at the London School of Economics, Kristina worked in various roles in San Francisco, Prague and Bratislava. Years abroad inspired her to change how people experience their days at work through design, tech innovation and social science. She is currently also exploring healthy and productive environments for learning and medical care.

Kristina Pomothy

Strategy and Design Advisor Origameo

Kristof has an extensive first hand experience with designing work spaces, through his many years with Prezi. He has had a pivotal role in building the company culture, the office maintenance, planning the office space and making the place work for an optimal and smooth work-flow.

Kristóf Pap

One Man Orchestra at Prezi

Máté is the creator of the most successful office blog in Hungary. After having worked a couple of years in office leasing, he discovered that no one is looking at the changes going on how and how we communicate what people care about. He made himself one of the leading office experts of the country, and has since worked with many companies including Microsoft, Vodafone, and Telenor.

Máté Gorondy

Founder Officespotting

Monika has found her true passion in developing people and organizations. She enjoys learning, understanding and identifying improvement opportunities. Listening and understanding helps her see what is needed to reach the next level. She loves to help to reach it by training, mentoring or coaching.

Monika Fila

I Simplify Leader at GE Global Operations

Schedule for the day

18:00 - 18:10

Introduction: Why What Works.
A short introduction to why we are gathered and who is presenting today. By Csongor Bias.

18:10 - 18:25

Lightning talk: The future of Workspaces
How the shift in work is changing the workspace? What is the importance of space? How to design workspaces for productivity and health? What are the current trends in workspace design? By Kristina Pomothy

18:25 - 19:25

Workspace talks: Learnings from the field
Kristof Pap, Prezi
Mate Gorondy, Emarsys
Fila Monika, Generel Electric

19:25 - 20:15

Panel discussion: Bringing Workspaces to live
In-depth discussions between the panelists and participants on the most important topics around workspaces. The program will cover everything from hotdesks, agile workspaces, meetings, hybrid offices, acoustics and movement. Moderated by: Kristina Pomothy

Ticket & venue


10,000 HUF + VAT

Address 1136 Budapest, Pannónia utca 32. More info +36 70 774 9989

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